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Local Fundraiser for Santa Hat Society

Leg Lamp: Mason Sauerbier, David Sick, Mark Sick and Kinsley Sauerbier PHOTO PROVIDED

Press Release

DANSVILLE-A five foot version of the famous ‘Leg Lamp’ from the American classic movie A Christmas Story has been moving from front lawn to front lawn in dozens of homes in Dansville for the past several weeks by elves. For a donation to the Santa Hat Society, the leg lamp would be removed and also allowed the home owner to propose the location of where it should appear next.

The location of another fundraiser was at the home of Kevin and Rachele Sick of Dansville and was a ‘Big and Little Corn Hole Tournament’ in late September with the benefits going to Santa Hat Society.  Brothers Mark and David Sick, ages 12 and 13 respectively, are SHS Executive Elves and said “we were overwhelmed with the generosity of the corn hole participants.”

The Santa Hat Society raises money to provide Christmas gifts to families with minor children who have suffered a traumatic loss of a parent or child, who may have an immediate family member battling a serious or incurable illness or may be a hard-working family suffering serious financial distress through no fault of their own such as a house fire.

As of last Christmas they had raised $198,000 over the past nine years and facilitated Christmas joy for 216 families.  Executive Elf Aiden Krieley, now at University of Louisville stated “We can only help as many families as the bank account will allow.”

Kinsley and Mason Sauerbier, ages 9 and 7 respectively, are the newest Junior Elves and are the children of Heather and Matt Sauerbier of Dansville.   According to Founder and CEO Mary Kate Brushafer, they are working very hard to raise funds and to bring public awareness to our organization and goals.

: Executive Elves: David Mark, Emily Brushafer, Owen Snyder, Aiden Krieley, Mark Sick and CEO Mary Kate Brushafer PHOTO PROVIDED

Brushafer commended Executive Elf Declan Brady for balancing his commitment to Santa Hat while attending school at University of Virginia with an assist from his brother Drugan Brady in San Francisco.  Mackenzie Curtin, a Yearling at West Point Military Academy, along with Jerry Brushafer and Audrey Thomas who are both attending RIT, have all been active in our fundraising efforts.  Each of these individuals play an integral part in the success of the annual cash raffle.  

The cash raffle continues this year but sadly new Executive Elf Emily Brushafer announced due to Covid-19, the drawing usually held in front of the Dogwood Trading Company during Dansville’s Winter in the Village will now be live streamed on the SHS Facebook page.

Executive Elf Owen Snyder now a sophomore Niagara University wanted to remind everyone they help families in the same locale where the money is raised.  United Way of Livingston County funds are used to help families here in Livingston County.  Funds raised in San Francisco, for example are spent to help families in that city.  

Brushafer, now a junior at RIT stated, “Covid-19 has caused us to get creative in our efforts to raise funds while keeping everyone safe. We have decided to hold an auction and sell the Leg Lamp one week prior to Christmas on our Facebook page.  Please check out our page and bid if you would like to own this Major Award!”

To learn more about Santa Hat Society, check out their website at or check them out on Facebook!

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