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A Smashing Good Mother's Day

By Jasmine Willis

A fundraiser for Leah's Place is taking place on Mother's Day in a nontraditional location.

The fundraiser takes place at Smash Therapy NY in Arnot Mall on May 14 from 3 to 6 p.m. It is located at 3300 Chambers Road in Horseheads. Children ages 14 years old and up can treat their mothers to a special day of smashing. It all goes to a great cause. There are limited tickets available for this event. Tickets are $40 each and provide the group time of your arrival. Everyone gets 15 minutes of smash time. Purchase tickets from Jessica Levinson at

Leah's Place has been a growing organization in the fight against sex trafficking. It is working on becoming a sheltering place for mothers and their babies who have been impacted by sex trafficking. As of now the organization is working on becoming a nonprofit and paying their legal fees. The money raised from this event will all go towards that goal. They plan on working towards seeking safe housing for these women and children.

Leah's Place Founder Jessica Levinson said when she approached the idea of a fundraiser this unique concept of Smash Therapy NY came into her mind. The owner of the edgy establishment thought it was a great idea. He wants to get involved with their mission. He believes completely in the cause.

"The owner of this establishment was really welcoming to our cause. He wants to get involved in our cause. He had a very willing spin on how to handle this fundraiser, so that we could meet our goals," she said.

Levinson added this event will be different to the typical Mother's Day outing many do in the traditional sense.

"This will be a fun opportunity for kids over the age of 14 to get moms out there to do something nontraditional. It will be fun and fast paced," she said. "Bring the woman who raised you out to Smash Therapy, and have her be the one to tell you to break things for the first time in your life. Have her be the one to smash it with you. I believe this will be a great form of therapy and a cathartic bonding experience for mothers and children."

"This will give the older children a chance to see their mom in a different light. They can literally bond over breaking things together. It will break mom out of her comfort zone. I hope it will bring a lot of smiles and a experience that moms and children remember for a lifetime," Levinson added.

In the event you have a certain item you want to smash together all items must be mid-sized electronic devices or unwanted glassware. Do not bring the fancy glass tea set or giant tube televisions. However, if you want to bring the wedding china that is now divorce china they would be down with that.

Levinson mentioned any items you would like to bring to Smash Therapy Ny for the event can be arranged for pickup at You can contact her with any other information pertaining to this event or smash items. You have from now until May 13 to donate items.

"Don't give us your nice beautiful fancy tea sets for charity. Give us your dusty, cracked, cluttered, huddled, unwanted glassware and we will destroy it for charity," Levinson said.

"We look forward to how close we will be to reaching our goals after this fundraiser to start applying for grants and getting safe housing for our mothers and babies. Safe housing is the first step in recovery. That is the very first thing a mother needs in rebuilding a better life for herself and her baby. You are a mother in a powerless situation. You are being sexually exploited. The options for a safe place are scarce. The resources you have are going to be inadequate at no fault of your own. To be able to walk away and know there is a safe place waiting for you is a huge step," she added.

Levinson said these women need emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical rebuilding and the only way that is going to be done is when you feel secure, protected, accepted, and welcome.

You can buy tickets through PayPal or cash through Levinson. Visit the website for more information about the organization at To purchase tickets contact Jessica Levinson at her email

You must visit Smash Therapy Ny to sign any waivers before going to the event

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