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LATE: A Film Review

An excellent look into the personification of time itself. How we are all in this human race. PHOTO PROVIDED

By Jasmine Willis

FRISCO, Tx- The main focus of this film is the idea of time. We are all represented by an hourglass. Each of us wasting time, opportunities, chances, and dreams. Terrell Thompson, writer and director of “LATE” reminds us that if we don’t turn that hourglass over time will run out. By choosing to use only facial expressions and body language throughout every scene he has taken us back to the Silent Film Era. Maybe that is the whole point. Maybe we need to slow down and pay attention to what is around us rather then speeding ahead. The entire film “LATE”  message is both used in the literal sense and metaphorical. “LATE” Starr’s Asheesh Williams as Orlando and Crystal Alfaro as Maria. Orlando represents most of us in this world. He is closed off to the world out of fear. He won’t take chances or see what is right in front of him. Maria represents what we all strive to be. She isn’t afraid to step outside of her own world. She grabs at chances as they come her way. She is life in the fullest sense., Thompson perfected the true feeling of time by using only music and emotions. Allow this story to transform the way you see day to day existence.

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