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Dansville Summer Exhibit Enchants Community

Syrena Carver, painter, shows her love for Paris. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

By Jasmine Willis

DANSVILLE — The newest exhibit showcases art that takes the viewer too far off places.

Dansville ArtWorks held a reception for its Summer Exhibit on July 11 to honor the creative minds that put it together. The exhibit runs until Aug. 24.

All of the artists in this exhibit had a common theme of travel. The main focus seemed to be France.

Bernard Dick, digital painter artist, said his work mostly comes from his travel photos. He started out doing digital photography art, but has since gotten a feel for digital painting art.

Bernard Dick will be the next solo artist in September. His work can be seen now in the art center. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

Dick will be the next solo exhibit artist in September, and plans to have a lot of his best work on display in the original space.

“It is a lot of work. I started all of this with snapshots of my travels. I fool around with them until I turn them into digital art. Now I have gotten into digital paint. The digital paint program I use has the same techniques as oil paintings,” he said. “The nice part about doing it on a computer program is that you can back up and change it easily. I have been doing this kind of art for about a year now. I started putting digital paint into my digital photos, and decided I liked the digital painting more.”

Dick said his favorite type of work is landscapes and architecture. However, he had a whole project done on his family photos.

“I did a project on old family photos and family members that are now deceased,” he said. “That was a lengthy project that started when my daughter got into genealogy and started putting together a family tree. We were looking through family photos, and I discovered some of them would be nice paintings. I edited out what I didn’t want in the background of the photos with my paintings. It really feels like a real painting and is a lot cleaner.”

Dick has done several regular acrylic paintings as well, and he feels his digital paintings look a lot like the real thing. He has always enjoyed being part of the Dansville ArtWorks galleries over the years.

Dick is being shown in Books Etc. in Rochester this month, and spends most of his time in the city galleries.

Ron Cook, photographer, loves to see the unique and creative images in the world. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

Ron Cook, abstract photographer, had several photos he had taken in Toronto, Canada. He has an extreme up-close shot of a building, market shot with sunglasses, and a photo of a white chair on an old tennis court.

“Like any good photo it usually takes you 20 tries before you get the one you like,” he said. “I look for something that has a unique feel to it. I might crop or change the color of a photo. People can look at my work and interpret it in different ways.”

Cook can also be seen at the Rochester RoCo 6x6 Show.

Syrena Carver, painter, said she did all three of her works on France.

“I have always wanted to go to Paris. It is on my list. I am fascinated to see that others went with the Paris theme too,” she said. “I remember spending a week in Spain about 19 years ago, and it was absolutely beautiful. My Paris paintings are mostly the Eiffel Tower. I looked up google images I liked and based my paintings off of them. I liked the French countryside, so I made one of those too.”

Carver hopes to be part of the upcoming exhibit as well.

Christine Ferrigno, artist is looking to find her voice in the art world. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

Christine Ferrigno, artist, has a knack for finding her own voice within her pieces.

“I am still trying to find my own voice in art. I want my art to have a feeling more than a look,” she said. “I don’t feel I have a certain style or that I am married to any medium. I am searching for that voice, and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience on the path.”

Ferrigno has work on consignment as well as the Summer Exhibit at Dansville ArtWorks. She is learning to make her own frames for her work too.

Nicole Alioto, Dansville ArtWorks board president said she and others have been excited

about this new Retail Revitalization plan in the works. There is a great opportunity for anyone interested in bringing their business outside of their homes to the downtown arena.

A presentation on “How Pop-Up Shops Can Bolster Your Business and Energize the Economy” will be at Battle Street Brewery on July 29 from 6 to 7 p.m.

Alioto said this is a great way to bring business to the downtown area without putting a lot of pressure on the business owners. It gives them a feel for the arena, and the building owners get a couple months rent. She will be the one facilitating the presentation at Battle Street Brewery.

Those interested in coming such as; Dansville retail entrepreneurs, local and regional business owners, Dansville Main Street property owners, realtors who represent Dansville, and anyone with an interest in economic development.

If interested RSVP to dansvilleartworks@gmail.comby July 26. Light refreshments are available, cash bar, and a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Dansville ArtWorks is also in need of sponsorships for the upcoming year. Check with the art center to see how you can make a difference by keeping them in business.

The Summer Exhibit artists; Shawna Apps, Syrena Carver, Ron Cook, Samantha Davis, Bernard Dick, Christine Ferrigno, Kevin Hammon, and Laura Jaen Smith.

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