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Dansville Daisy Troop 54003 Fairy Garden

The troop dressed up in special fairy celebration for the big day. PHOTOS BY SHARMILLA FASSBENDER

By Jasmine Willis

DANSVILLE — The community has come alive with empowering our young females to be inspired in the last few months.

The Dansville Daisy Troop 54003 reached out to this local reporter to discuss what they have done to enrich the minds of the youngest troops in their care.

A look of pure joy at what has been a masterpiece. PHOTOS BY SHARMILLA FASSBENDER

Jessica Taranko, Dansville Daisy Troop 54003 co-leader said the girls have done a remarkable project at the Dansville Public Library this summer. It took about a year to come together with the planning process.

“The girls came up with planting a garden at the library last year. This was a way to thank the library for letting us meet there. The idea of it being a fairy garden evolved in the planning process. The girls all love the fairy homes they see around town, and a few of them even have a fairy garden at home. We decided to do another badger, Think Like and Engineer. This requires them to build a house. We deiced to build fairy houses for the fairy garden. We wanted to contribute to the new fairy attractions seen around Dansville,” she said.

The girls planted the flowers and made special fairy homes. PHOTOS BY SHARMILLA FASSBENDER

Taranko said the project came alive with the help of the whole troop.

“The girls cleared the earth where the garden is planted in the start of May. We planted flowers at two of our meetings. Along the way they have learned about what a garden needs in order to grow. They learned about the beneficial creatures on the garden such as earthworms. They weren’t too sure about them in the start, but they have come to love them. By the end we have several named “pet” worms in the garden. Buttercup and Emily are ones to keep an eye out for since they are a couple of the favorites. We learned about invasive species such as Japanese Beetles,” she said.

Childrens joy at their imagination coming alive. PHOTOS BY SHARMILLA FASSBENDER

Taranko said the fairy garden will be an ever-changing place for the community to enjoy throughout the summer.

“We intend to continue to update and change out our fairy scenery throughout the summer to make the fairy garden a place where visitors of the library can always look for something new. The girls look forward to seeing their work bloom for years to come,” she said. “The girls plan on taking care of the garden. However, the library is looking for volunteers to help water the garden and other gardens at the library throughout the summer. The girls families are a huge help, but it a very big job.”

Always make the magic about friendship. PHOTOS BY SHARMILLA FASSBENDER

The Dansville Daisy Troop is Ellie Miller, Abby Linsner, Keira Saltsman, Layla Neu, Layla Ippolito, Alexandria Fassbender, Natalie Gray, Emma McDermott, and Ava Coburn. The leaders are Jessica Taranko, Amy Gardner, and Gretchen Ippolito. Sharmilla Fassbender was their special photographer for their big fairy garden celebration on June 5.

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