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Creative art inspires hope

Pray for our Country hangs in-between two hay faces that show what our world is going through right now. A local farming couple wanted to inspire hope to a nation. PHOTO BY BRENDA AVERY

By Jasmine Willis

CONESUS — A couple of local farmers took what they had on the farm, and chose to uplift the community in this hard time.

Brenda and Bob Avery of Stagecoach Road made this creative artwork using an old wagon and hay to show support.

On March 29 the couple decided they wanted to do something to reach out to the nation. After looking around at their resources they figured out the perfect way. It had already gotten plenty of attention from those driving by. The couple reported several people stopping to take photos of the artwork after they finished it.

“I care about what is going on in our country right now with this Coronavirus. I want more people to come together and pray,” Brenda said. “At least a dozen people stopped by to take photos of the art.”

The sign was originally going to say “Pray for our doctors and nurses” but after her sister Laurie’s input she changed it to “Pray for our Country” instead.

It is in these dark times we need to remind ourselves to embrace some creativity and be there for one another.

Put a light outside to let people know they are not alone.

Build a giant hay sculpture in front of your house to cheer people up as they drive by.

Pray for the country in these hard times, because all we need is a little bit of sunshine to get through the storm.

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