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Christmas in Nunda captures hometown magic

We really loved the decorations at village plaza. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

By Jasmine Willis

NUNDA — For many years a small town has captured the charm of the holiday spirit.

As we walked around the feeling of Christmas filled the chilly air on Dec. 13. My mother, Lisa, and I decided to have a special day walking around one of the small towns I have never gotten to really notice.

I have been a reporter in this area for nearly five years now, and always wondered what treasures exist inside these gift shops and small businesses in Nunda. It seemed to me that Christmas in Nunda was a perfect time to finally put my curiosity at rest.

It was hard to pick a Christmas tree for the special contest. they are all so beautiful. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

My mother and I had two things on our minds as we entered this historic little town; we wanted to go on a wagon ride and see the famous light show everyone keeps talking about. We were not disappointed.

First, we awed over the amazing old buildings as we tend to do when we discover small towns in America. It is an amazing thing to be awoken to the history that exists all around you.

I have always been a huge fan of these little winter village scenes. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

The Nunda News Building was the first one we took notice too. Mom and I couldn’t believe how old it was, and how it still stood with those proud words printed on the outside.

We went on a mission looking for vendors and walked into a lovely shop with several real Christmas trees instead. They were doing a contest and had a wonderful little village all set up for the right atmosphere. It took us a long time to decide what tree was the best. Mom and I honestly wanted to pick all of them.

You don't see Nutcrackers anymore. It was great to see these guys in the store window. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

Afterwards, we took in the ambience of the town itself. It really glowed with the right amount of small-town glory one expects from this holiday season. You had the ancient bell all decorated, and standing proud in the middle of the village plaza.

You had a tree waiting to be lit by the sound of children singing with all their hearts for Christmas.

Children singing old fashioned Christmas songs for the tree lighting. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

What really made Mom and I think about Christmas time was the lovely little shops. I noticed the storefront all decorated at the Nunda Pharmacy and we walked in to see what other gems were inside. It was so beautiful and warm in that store.

I was also thrilled to walk into the bakery/antique store across the street where they handed out free hot coco and popcorn. I got some treasures there next to the Christmas tree and noticed another little village all mapped out with care.

The famous light show at the end really was amazing. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

We really looked forward to that wagon ride, but first we heard the sweet sounds of children singing old fashioned Christmas songs. Mom was thrilled since she hadn’t heard those songs in many years.

Santa Claus showed up in time to give the children the distraction they needed to run to him with all the excitement and dreams of what will be under their Christmas Trees.

No holiday special is complete without Santa Claus. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

The wagon ride was really beautiful as it took us all down Mill Street to show us the Christmas lights on several homes. It ended with the light show at the D’Amico home that is the highlight for many all year long. I can see why since I had heard about this light show for years.

My mom and I watched in peaceful joy as the lights played out to several songs on the radio. You could tell the family put a lot of work into this light show, and they even handed out hot coco to those of us who came out in the wagon to watch it.

The very old police department was all decked out for the holidays. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS.

Christmas in Nunda is not just another holiday festival in a small town. It is a place that brings back the magic and joy of the holiday spirit. It gives your heart the warmth of what is ahead. It reminds you that even though you are small you can still be the best light show in the region.

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Jasmine Willis
Jasmine Willis
Dec 21, 2019

You are very welcome Mr. D’Amico. I really loved your light show. I’m so glad I saw it.


Thank you! It is nice to see our little town appreciated. And thank you for your great review on my Christmas light displa .


Jasmine Willis
Jasmine Willis
Dec 17, 2019

Thank you so much for the kind words ladies! I’m so glad you loved the story!


Hello Jasmine, Thanks so much for the lovely write up and photos from Christmas in Nunda.


Jane Schryver
Jane Schryver
Dec 17, 2019

Very nice article and super pictures. So happy you are keeping us informed.

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