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A Masters Touch brightens Wayland

A Masters Touch will take over an old building and bring new life to the town. PHOTO BY JASMINE WILLIS

By Jasmine Willis

WAYLAND — A new business is taking over an old shop in the local community.

A Masters Touch will offer residential and commercial cleaning, interior painting, detailing, woodwork, carpet cleaning, and more to the region.

Mr. Eric Williams and Ryan Parker, co-owners of A Masters Touch plan to expand into roofing and doors sometime next year.

“We are focusing on routine cleaning. We go in and tidy up the house. We will help real estate agents clean a home to present to a potential buyer. We will help landlords clean apartments between tenants,” Williams said.

Ryan Parker doing a cleaning and painting job. PHOTO PROVIDED

By Nov. 1 the team will be working on their showroom and offices in the new building at 11461 Route 21 South in Wayland. It is right next to T and J Auto.

Melissa Landis, owner of ML Cakes and Catering will be moving in the front of the same building this month. Williams and Parker are very excited to be working alongside her.

They plan on working with a local lumber company for the wood used to create lovely counter tops, coffee tables, dressers, desks, and anything else the client might want.

Parker and Williams have worked for several companies in the past doing this kind of work, and both wanted to branch out on their own to create something for the community.

“Ryan reached out to me about this idea. I have known him for over a decade. He has done this kind of work for many years. We want to do something that is going to bring life back to the community,” Williams said. “There is a huge demand for this kind of shop. We wanted to partner together and bring quality work to the region. We got all the right insurance and paperwork done to be a legal business. We have been hit with a lot of outreach and support from the town.”

Williams added they plan to hire a few people soon to help out with the new business.

“We want to form a company better than any of the ones we used to work for. We are a family business. Our customers are the most important part of that business. We are not going to mess anyone over. We are going to work hard every day,” he said.

Ryan Parker working on a home. This has been a dream job of his and Williams for years. PHOTO PROVIDED

Williams has always poured his heart and soul into the community he has called home. He wants to make a huge difference and impact on the town.

“We want to bring new life back to Wayland. We want to give them work and make a huge difference here. We want to set a standard in how people need to be treated. We are very excited about this. We want to give them all a service they can trust,” he said. “John Palmer is the owner of the building and is remodeling it for us. He has a huge interest in seeing this community come back to life. We will be sharing it with Melissa Landis. She is opening a bakery on the front side of this building at the end of the month.”

Parker will be out in the field managing the operations of the business. Williams will be in the offices handling the business end. They will have a crew ready to handle all the job sites.

A Masters Touch Logo by Monica Collister. PHOTO PROVIDED

A Masters Touch will go anywhere and hopes to expand into all the surrounding locations as far as Rochester and Corning.

“I started a landscaping business when I was 15 years old with a couple employees. I knew even back in those days I wanted to start my own business. I wanted to do it right here in Wayland. I wanted to treat people the way they deserved. It has been a long time coming, but I am excited to start. Ryan and I both have children. We want to teach them good hardworking values and integrity. My father worked on a farm and he taught me the value of hard work and treating people with respect.”

Williams added that as of now the company can be reached via Facebook or by phone at 585-519-8579.

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