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"A Fight For Air-Vapor" Film Review

By Jasmine Willis

SALINAS — Bringing a two-part short film to life takes a lot of time, grace, and passion.

“A Fight For Air” is not just a short film about a man named Antonio Da Le Cruz (Asheesh Williams) who tries to save a girl named Jessica Hernandez (Christine V. Hernandez) but a film about redemption, hope, and belief.

When I watched Williams’ first short film “A Fight For Air” written and directed by Asheesh Williams and starring Christine V. Hernandez, I cried through the whole entire thing. It moved me to my very core. The chemistry between Williams and Hernandez was powerful to watch. The two were dynamite on the screen and captured my heart. I wanted to have more of their story, no, I needed to have more of their story. It was something inside of me that demanded to be heard through the voice of a friend and his story.

After having a long talk with Williams about the film and writing a review about it on IMDB, Facebook, and my heart I practically begged him for a sequel.

Jessica and Antonino were not finished. There was more that needed to be said about the story that developed inside the short film “A Fight For Air” and everything it encompassed.

De La Cruz and Hernandez were not my children. This was not my story. I had not put in the hours writing, directing, and acting in this film. Yet, as the film came to life before my eyes and the main characters literally fought for one another it felt like my story. It felt like the story of every woman who longs to be saved by a man who genuinely loves her.

“A Fight For Air-Vapor” the sequel has just been released into the world. It has some strong content that is very hard to watch. It follows where we left off with Hernandez (Hernandez) and De La Cruz (Williams) friendship. The sequel is also completely subtitled in Spanish via Closed Caption option on the film.

There is a universal theme found within the sequel that everyone can relate too. The feeling of loss, hope, and need to be seen. You need to be found and loved by another human. Can these two find their way home? Will they let the world define them by the scars caused by all those around them? Find out when you take this journey through

“A Fight For Air-Vapor” written by Asheesh Williams and Christine V. Hernandez, directed by Asheesh Williams, and starring Asheesh Williams and Christine V. Hernandez.

Neversleep Productions is in a partnership between Williams and Hernandez.

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