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Phillip W. Sheppard shares "Phillip Sheppard The Specialist: The Russian Job"

Check out the new book by Realty Star and Author Phillip W. Sheppard. Actress Annie Monroe is featured on the cover. PHOTOS PROVIDED

By Jasmine Willis

WAYLAND — Reality Star and Author Phillip W. Sheppard came up with the concept for his second book “Phillip Sheppard The Specialist: The Russian Job” five years ago.

“I got a copywrite for the treatment of this book. I had come up with the idea for it five years ago. I called it The Banker,” Sheppard said. “This book has been a personal journey for me. It is built around a persona I created based on parts of my life. I introduced him for the first time to the American television audience on Survivor. Phillip Sheppard The Specialist is a persona created based on my time as a former Special Agent and Army Specialist and businessman. Parts of my real life are blended in the character.”

The two-time Survivor- contestant shared the inspiration he received while writing this book came from John D. MacDonald’s “The Drowner” and “A Key to the Suite.”

“He was a brilliant spy novel writer in the 1960s. I love how he gets directly to the point in his novels. It takes a tremendous amount of effort for that simplicity. I admire his style greatly,” Sheppard said.

The newest novel comes out for E-edition on Dec. 29 and paperback on Jan. 21. The back cover features actress Blaine Allen. PHOTOS PROVIDED

Sheppard comes from a long line of patriots. His father, a brother, a sister, and he have been in the US Army. He dedicates his newest book to his son, Marcus Alexander Sheppard, 27, who has just joined the US Army. Marcus will be leaving on Jan. 4 to honor his family’s call to serve their country.

“He is very excited to serve his country. Just like his father, who was an Army Specialist, and his uncle, aunt and grandfather,” Sheppard said. “I am so proud of my son. I wanted to dedicate this book to him.”

“Phillip Sheppard The Specialist: The Russian Job” is a sophisticated spy novel that digs deep into today’s global and political issues. It touches on redemption, hope, and reassurance that evil can not prevail.

The preview for the newest book by Phillip W. Sheppard. Pick up your copy next month! PHOTOS PROVIDED

The reader will be hooked from the first paragraph as you dive into this thrilling action-packed world that will keep you wanting more. You will be on edge with The Specialist as he tracks down all the leads to the mind-blowing conclusion. A heart-racing, edge-of-your-seat ride that will keep you guessing until the very end.

The Specialist always answers the call to chase the devils back to where they belong. When a mystery brings him back into the world, he thought he left behind it turns everything on its head. Aaron Cohen, Senior Vice President of Derivates and Global Acquisitions enters a train but never exits it. The Specialist is called in to make sense of what could’ve possibly gone wrong. This disappearance suggests a kidnapping took place and begins to open up a giant global conspiracy where Aaron Cohen could be the pawn in a dangerous game. The truth may be more than The Specialist can handle as the twists and turns bring him closer to a ticking clock that may blow up in his face.

A main theme throughout the novel is redemption which was in a big part inspired by Sheppard’s time on Survivor Redemption.

Sheppard said the E-edition can be available on Dec. 29 on Amazon. The paperback edition will be available Jan. 21.

Sheppard would like to see his newest book turned into a major motion picture with the following actors and actresses Michael B. Jordan as The Specialist, Annie Monroe as Yifat, Viola Davis as Diana Heartly, and Shawn Yue as Zhang. This would be his dream cast.

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The Russian Job

"I looked over at Yifat, who was still sleeping peacefully, and I silently hoped that if she had anyone in her life whom she loved as much as I loved Scarlett, then may she never have to live through what I did. I took in a deep breath to calm my nerves down and bring back my attention to the case.

"When those you trust betray you, it's those few loyal ones who stand by your side in moments of your darkness that are worth your love... worth your loyalty. Keep a lookout for those friends."

My father used to tell me that in life, many would betray my trust, and it was a nature's rule that…

Me gusta

"The Russian hackers who penetrated United States government agencies broke into the email system used by the Treasury Department’s most senior leadership, a Democratic member of the Senate Finance Committee said on Monday, the first detail of how deeply Moscow burrowed into the Trump administration’s networks." Nytimes Mon 12/21/2020 #AManAboutTown

#TheRussianJob My novel is #fiction and it was completed before this was known. The Specialist


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Phillip Sheppard is a man full of adventure, intelligence, and charisma, with a charm and personality that feel contagious. Watching him on a nationally televised reality show provided me with my first impressions, but watching the very last episode allowed me to draw more distinct conclusions about who the man really is. Phillip’s energetic personality radiates toward others. His sharp mind works constantly to analyze the situation, scan the environment, decipher those around him, and furnish a plan to make the best of all possible situations. That’s why I like this book so much. It captures his essence. As a published author myself, I know the effort involved in writing a book, and this novel truly surpassed my expectations.…

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"Specialist is the only one who could solve cases that reach a dead end,” She had heard about him, not from anyone else but her father himself.

There had to be something about him that her father spoke so highly of him. She sighed as she opened the file again, landing on the page that held a picture of the Specialist with one of her father's close friends. She had noticed it the very first time she had seen the file, but because she had her doubts about the Specialist, she never followed that lead. She propped her legs on the center table in the living room where she was sitting, still studying the Specialist." The Russian Job by…

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Thank you Jasmine for reading and writing a review.

Great Quote:

"In the N.Y. Times Book Review for Feb. 2, 2012 critic Olen Steinhauer was writing about a JDM contemporary, Elmore Leonard, but what he had to say about the best crime writers, that : “ Our best crime writers are sometimes our most astute social novelists, concerned as much with our country’s ills as they are with sensational homicides.” can be applied very accurately to John D. MacDonald". Nytimes

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