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Michalski: A Voice for The People

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Judge Jeannie Michalski is running in the primary elections for Livingston County Judge. PHOTO PROVIDED

By Jasmine Willis

DANSVILLE — Judge Jeannie Michalski is looking to make her mark as the first female Livingston County Judge in history.

On June 25 the primary election will determine who will be the candidates for the general election in November. Michalski will be on the Republican, Conservative, and Independence lines for the primary election.

Michalski stopped in Dansville to campaign for the upcoming election. With a stop at the Dansville WDNY 93.9 FM and a talk with Jasmine’s Corner.

Judge Jeannie Michalski in front of the historic Dansville Maxwell Block. PHOTO BY JASMINE WILLIS

Avon Town Judge Michalski has an impressive record with over 20 years of experience as an attorney in Upstate New York in criminal and family law. She is the only Republican candidate to serve as a judge, has 11 years experience in family court, and spent seven years as a prosecutor. She is also the only candidate that is currently an attorney for the child.

Michalski said she is the first of her family to go to college. She grew up in the rural area of Wayne County.

“It was when I was at Nazareth College that I took an internship that inspired me to get into law. I really loved what I did, and I got a job right out of law school. I remember the day very well. It was January 11, 1999,” she said. “I was the first person in my family to go to college, and the first to get into law school. No one got me here. I was required to do an internship, and the idea of working in law was very exciting. I loved the trial work, and the idea of protecting the community.”

After graduating from the University of Dayton School of Law, Michalski landed a job as a Monroe County Assistant District Attorney for the first seven years of her legal career.

“I did a lot of work in local courts,” she said. ‘For the last three years of my work with the District Attorney I worked for the Narcotics Bureau cleaning up the streets.”

Afterwards, Michalski would find her path leading her to the University of Rochester. She worked at the Psychiatry Department Laboratory for Interpersonal Violence and Victimization. It was with this project she worked on managing research that helped victims of domestic violence.

It was through that experience that she was able to take on the responsibilities of family court. Michalski opened her private practice defending people in criminal court and family court.

Michalski has a strong outlook when it comes to family with two children of her own, Zoey 10, and Ethan, 14.

“You need to teach children to make their own choices and do right by them. It is important to give children a voice, but also to guide them. I want to help them became positive adults and members of our community,” she said.

Since the beginning of the year, Michalski has taken on her newest role as Avon Town Judge.

Judge Jeannie Michalski is ready to take the next step in her legal career. PHOTO PROVIDED

“We need the most qualified person for the position. I am the only Republican candidate with 20 plus years of experience who has worked with children. I have spent half of my career being an attorney for the child,” Michalski said. “I do a lot of family court work. I love helping to give children a voice in court. It is very rewarding to help the family.”

Michalski added the inspiration to run for Livingston County Judge did not happen overnight.

“It didn’t happen overnight. This happened over a long period of time. I worked as a prosecutor to protect the community. I worked as a private attorney to help protect the children. They are the most vulnerable members of our community. My time as a judge has taught me to listen to both sides,” she said. “I am a mom and a member of the community. In addition to my legal experience I think this gives me a unique qualification for the job. I want to continue to provide service to my community.”

For more information visit Judge Jeannie Michalski at

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