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Celebrating Easter Sunday Drive-In Style

First ever Easter Sunday Drive-In Service held at Redefined Church in Wayland. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

By Jasmine Willis

WAYLAND — For the first time ever a local church performed a drive-in service for churchgoers to enjoy the Easter Sunday Service.

Redefined Church in Wayland opened their front lawn to a full drive-in church service with worship music and a powerful message “Easter 2020: He Is Worthy” for Easter Sunday. This is in keeping with the social distancing rules of no longer being able to congregate within places of worship.

Family, friends, community members, and out-of-towners came out to enjoy the true meaning of Easter Sunday at Redefined Church. It was a way for everyone to come together and be blessed despite the last several months of isolation. Churchgoers were asked to remain in their vehicles the entire service and left once the message was delivered.

Pastor Nick Lincoln of Redefined Church in Wayland doing a special drive-in Easter Sunday message. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

Redefined Church Pastor Nick Lincoln said it went great despite the chilly morning. He enjoyed seeing everyone’s smiling face through their windshields.

Lincoln said his normal routine takes a little longer to get through when preparing a sermon, but this special sermon did not take very long to complete.

“There was a lot in this sermon I had already spoken on in past messages. I had touched on some of this before. Normally I have been working on the Gospel of John. This message was taken from scripture all over the Bible. I knew it would all come together to tell the message. It started with Revelations Chapter 5 and went from there like a flashback sequence you see played out in a film,” he said. “I knew exactly where I was going to go from there. We talked about the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We talked about why Jesus is worthy of all our praise. It starts with that chapter in Revelations when he is talking about the Lamb who conquered and was slain being the only one worthy of opening the scroll.”

Redefined Church in Wayland will have its doors open again once this shutdown is over. PHOTOS BY JASMINE WILLIS

Lincoln brought everyone through the beginning of Jesus’ victory to the resurrection. It was about showing why so many celebrate this message on Easter Sunday.

“I talked about how God claimed his son and was pleased in the baptism of Jesus. We often don’t think about how God was pleased with his son for 30 years before he went on to do signs and miracles. God cared about his son. No one knew who he was for 30 years, but God knew and was pleased with him. Jesus walked in that power and showed the love of God in that time,” he said. “We also think of Jesus as the carpenter. It is interesting to think of what a carpenter was in those times. God was the creator of the entire world. He created everything. Of course, Jesus could be a carpenter and fix things on earth.”

Lincoln talked with another pastor friend about how they all feel like church is behind glass now and doing church drive-in was another form of glass. Yet, in a way it was nice to see everyone in real life. It is still nice to have the ability to do online church via websites and Facebook Live.

“We will be doing Facebook Live again from now on until we can all see one another. I was thinking it would be nice to do another drive-in service if people are OK about doing that,” he said. “I was also thinking of doing my worship acoustically online. When this whole shutdown is over it would still be nice to do outside church now that I have the stage to do it.”

Lincoln mentioned how he has gotten used to doing a lot of his sermons by memory in the recent weeks. When he started his church he went a lot by notes to stick with the theme of John. Now he is enjoying letting the spirit guide him without needing to keep up with his notes.

Redefined Church has the entire Easter Sunday message on Facebook and their website for anyone interested. The past sermons are also available on their website and Youtube.

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