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Algorithm series hits home

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Are you in control? Watch the first-of-its-kind series on Neversleep Productions Youtube. PHOTO BY TERRELL LAMONT

By Jasmine Willis

SALINAS — The third independent project created by Neversleep Productions and Terrell Lamont hits home with today’s issues in society.

Asheesh Williams, of Batavia NY is making a name for himself in the independent short film industry. Williams has written, directed, acted, and created several projects that are not afraid to highlight the common issues facing our world today.

He started in 2019 with his two-part series “A Fight For Air” and “A Fight For Air-Vapor” that starred Asheesh Williams and Christine Hernandez. This approach into independent film captured the hearts of a community. A community of women who have survived domestic abuse.

Williams’ love for telling these kinds of stories collaborated with a friend and fellow creator Terrell Lamont Thompson. Thompson wrote and directed “Late” which starred Asheesh Williams as Orlando. This short film was created in 2020 and captured the essence of time itself. What it means to each of us.

The latest project brings all these forces together to a mini-series. This is the first of its kind created by the team. “Algorithm” is created by Neversleep Productions and Terrell Lamont. Asheesh Williams and Terrell Lamont Thompson co-directed, wrote, and act in this series together.

“Algorithm “centers in a small community that looks like any other. It appears to be just another quiet day among a group of friends. When in a dark corner we see a programmer working tirelessly to unlock what appears to be a design gone wrong.

“Algorithm” released its first episode “Source Code” on Feb. 26 to the world on Neversleep Productions Youtube.

These four friends each play on a particular characteristic trait. Asheesh Williams stars as Brenden Carlisle who at first glance is into conspiracy theories. He has a big chip on his shoulder that will play into the show later on. Christine Hernandez stars as Danielle Summers who wants everyone to know she is the narrator of the story. She is the bad girl who will at times realize the impact of her actions. Michelle Lupisan stars as Mercy Zamora who is the sad girl with a lot of secrets behind those locked doors. Andre Calder stars as Cameron Washington who is the caring one. He sees the truth in all of his friends eyes. Terrell Lamont Thompson stars as Michael Montgomery the mysterious programmer we are introduced to in the beginning. We are unsure of his place in the story. There is room for all these characters to grow as the show goes on and we will see how the machine plays on their emotions.

“Algorithm” will tackle everything that we are facing in today’s world. It will open the door to what you hide in yourself and what you see in others.

Williams and Thompson dare to be bold in the ability to show the world what it doesn’t want to see. In the message of their work holds the key to understanding a little more about humanity.

Check out the first episode of “Algorithm: Source Code” now. The next episode will be in March.

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